Proudly Canadian

I lived overseas for almost a decade. During that time I was frequently mistaken for an American and often had to correct people, telling them that, in fact, I was Canadian. I was living in an Asian country, so the assumption that I was American was probably natural. But it got me thinking. A Sense […]

Bill C-16. Waking up to a New World.

Betty Unger, a senator from Alberta, recently wrote an excellent letter commending Bruce Pardy for his June 19th article in the National Post entitled “Bill C-16: Human Rights have Become a Zero Sum Game.” Her letter was published in the June 21st edition of that same National Post. What this means, first, is that the […]

Why We Fight

My apologies to Frank Capra, the famous Hollywood director, for appropriating the name of his World War II epic “Why We Fight.” It was brilliant, and explained, in great detail, why the Allies had to fight and defeat Nazi Germany. I wouldn’t have used it except that it perfectly identifies what we are up against, […]

You are the Counter Culture

One of the peculiar realities of our time is that social conservatives are now the counter culture. This idea was first suggested by Patrick J. Buchanan, conservative author, one time presidential candidate and former T.V. personality who was fired from MSNBC because his views did not fit the left wing narrative. I had a hard […]

Your Two Greatest Gifts

Of all the gifts democracy has given you the two greatest are identity and freedom. We forget that both of these are recent. It has taken us five hundred years to go from the Renaissance and Reformation to where we are today. That’s not a long time in history, and we only began to progress […]