Snake Oil Salesmen

Long ago, many years before any of us were born, itinerant frontier salesman went from settlement to settlement in covered wagons. Out of the backs of these wagons they sold a wonder medicine known as “snake oil.” It was supposed to be a cure all for everything. As our medical knowledge grew we realized they were frauds and  thought that they would naturally go away, discredited by modern science. Now, to our collective astonishment, they are back. The only difference is that their name has changed. Today they are called “liberal progressives,” but they are still promising us cure alls.

Promising Utopia, crushing our freedoms.

“Accept our solutions for the world’s ills” they say, and we will bring you world peace, love and understanding. Unfortunately, their attempts to follow through on this involve silencing free speech and crushing all opposition to their views. This is most evident on North American college campuses. Years ago when I was getting (in the best sense of the word) a liberal arts education, we met in crowded lecture halls where opposing viewpoints on a subject were debated by articulate, learned supporters representing both sides of an argument. There was no jeering, placard waving, violence or vulgar insults, just respectful people who applauded when their champion made a point. Today, we see leftist radicals storming those same lecture halls, interrupting speeches and preventing people who disagree with them from speaking.

Antifa in Calgary

A perfect example of this happened this week. A peaceful Christian group gathered in Calgary’s town square. They were interrupted by violent protestors from the so called anti fascist group known as Antifa. Fighting ensued when women and children were attacked by the Antifa demonstrators. The Christian group had a legal permit, issued by the city of Calgary, to stage their rally, but the left was not interested in Christians being able to express their views or exercising their freedom of speech. The modern day leftist “snake oil salesmen” promised us much more than this, a better world where peace and justice would reign, but obviously it has NOT come to pass! More and more, the so called “anti fascists” have become the “new fascists” promoting hatred, and using the same tactics 1930s fascists used.

Oppressing the Majority

These “snake oil salesmen” have sold us a bill of goods in other ways as well. Under the guise of minority rights they have pressured governments to suppress the rights of the majority. There are now special groups you dare not criticize in the new “snake oil” regime. If you do, you could be arrested, taken to court, or placed before a human rights tribunal where you may find yourself fined, punished or imprisoned. In many cases, the behaviour the left promotes continues to erode the already weakened family unit. In the name of radical leftist ideals they force doctors to violate their hippocratic oath to preserve life, and drain Christian institutions of the resources they need to fight for their legal rights. The snake oil salesmen are back again.

Governments empowering Tyranny

Unfortunately, the governments of the western world are aiding these salesmen in their task. Liberal progressives have now formed powerful special interest groups designed to secure the support of government. These same governments cave into this pressure because it often lines up with their views anyway. The result is that in Canada we now see more and more legislation that shuts down rights and freedoms. Federally, we have had motion M-103, Bill C-16 and now Bill C-51.  Bill C-51 attempts to modernize the Criminal Code of Canada. This might seem like a noble aim, but it removes the only legal protection punishing those who interrupt worship services or interfere with clergy at work. Honestly, where will this all end?

We Must Join the Fight

If we do not speak up all of this will end in a very bad place: a snake oil victory. They put the lie to everything decent and good in this nation, and if we do not resist things will continue to descend further and further into an immoral place from which we may not be able to escape. A new age will be ushered in, where, in a biblical term of reference, “Every man did what was right in his own sight.” This will be a horribly tragic outcome. Freedom Defence Canada exists to fight back against our society’s “snake oil salesmen.” We are asking you to join us in this fight! Together, let’s form a powerful special interest group across this nation promoting traditional values and freedom of speech, religion, conscience and assembly. For our own sakes, but also for that of our children and grandchildren, help us take our nation back.


Reed Elley


  1. Thanks for this. It is alarming how quickly Canada is eroding into unrecognizable territory. Unrecognizable until you read about God’s wrath on such places as Sodom and why He was so angry that He destroyed the entire city and other places around.

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    1. Yes. Canada is being socially engineered. There is no point in denying it any longer. Certainly, as a result of this, Canada will pay a price, no question about it. Our job, as conservative Canadian citizens, is to put forth the truth and defend what is right. That is why FDC was created, and why new organizations like ours are springing up across Canada. I don’ t know about you, but I am proud to be part of the effort to restore proper values to the Canadian nation. Thanks for your comment Leslie.

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  2. Thanks for both of your comments. Everything you say is so true. It is a fight and we need to pushback with integrity,legality and honesty.


  3. One problem with the “Snake Oil” analogy: it was usually harmless or intoxicating but did not destroy others. The so called “Progressive agenda” (actually REGRESSIVE) is more like fascist ideologies which destroys everyone who is not part of their warped system. IMO the best example of a fascist ideology is Islam. In the last 1400 years, more people have been butchered by it than by all the Nazi’s and Communists combined.


    1. I can’t say that I disagree with your statements. I don’t think their is much of anything “progressive” in “liberal progressivism.”


    2. That is true but I still like the analogy. Although it could be deadly if somebody took the snake oil thinking it could get them better and stopped them from doing something that would have helped them.


  4. …..”Unfortunately, the governments of the western world are aiding these salesmen in their task. Liberal progressives have now formed powerful special interest groups designed to secure the support of government.”

    I think this statement fails to recognize the codependent relationship between the two.. the liberal progressive salesmen have to be viewed as the new ‘Brown Shirts’

    @ Reed…………” It is a fight and we need to pushback with integrity,legality and honesty.”…………That in itself is not enough I’m afraid…in the end I think its going to take also a willingness to throw niceness out the window and ultimately be more vicious than they are, something a lot of modern day Christians seem to big problem with

    ………” A new age ‘will’ be ushered in” ……….WE need to wake up to the fact that we are wellll into it

    Please don’t take my pickyness wrong, just hoping to stimulate discussion, really appreciate this site and what you are doing, have great hopes for it



    1. It may be that the Left actually forces us to abandon civil behaviour and good conduct. That seems to be to a more Conservative trait. But if it is no longer viable as part of the political process we are going to have to be more aggressive and bold. We will no longer be able to simply acquiesce to circumstances. It is something we Christians and conservatives will have to quickly learn. I agree with you. Your “pickiness” is appreciated. We need to have discussion and an interchange of ideas. Thanks of the compliment about the site. We have great hopes for it too.


    2. I am not willing to become just like them in terms of how we handle people. Turning the other cheek sometimes is the best thing to do.


  5. Hello freedom lovers. I am new to this organization and I hope this is a forum for truth seekers and truth speakers. I hope the group will stay simple and pure. We don’t need any big expensive projects. We do not need to build assets of any kind except intellectual and spiritual. We don’t need to topple governments or buy our way into influence. We just need the ability to share ideas and this may be it.
    God bless us all as we share the thoughts and reflections that haunt us in the middle of the night .


    1. Thank you so much for contacting us. Richard. Yes. We are all freedom lovers here, and all of us are concerned about those freedoms being eroded, along with our identity as Canadians and other lamentable changes we have noticed of late. Granted that our strength is in our ideas, but we are also hoping to effect some change along the way. As an organization of citizens dedicated to preserving our way of life and our constitutional rights, we know that we can be an influence for good in a world that is straying away from it. Take care and God bless.


    1. I wonder how the word “clash” was interpreted by the Christians at the rally. Attacking people doesn’t always mean physical, does it?


  6. I think you may have become confused about the demonstration we were referring to. You are talking about an early demonstration around the beginning of June. We were referring to one in the middle of June. It might be a good idea to take a little more time and recheck your sources before posting. Here are the sources for the demonstration we were talking about, and, in that one, people were most definitely fighting and Antifa was there.


    1. There is also a Youtube piece covering it. There’s no doubt it happened and no doubt Antifa targeted this Christian group and their demonstration for free speech and their faith.


    2. My apologies. Still – this article says a fight broke out, but it remains unclear who started it, and it says that it’s also unclear whether anyone was even injured. So, to claim women and children were attacked, and that it was purely the ANTIFA protestors, is jumping the gun. I’m definitely on your side with this article, but I’m also against reporting something that is not proven to be true, or is a half-truth that assumes without properly understanding both sides.


      1. I think it would be naive on our part not to assume that Antifa was there to disrupt the event. As you may already know, these people have a proven track record of attacking people, showing up masked to demonstrations with the intent of disrupting things, starting fights, and physically threatening people. Their tactic, often in opposition to those who do not share their beliefs, is to use violence to shut down others and to intimidate and physically assault them. In a word, they are thugs, like the Nazi brown shirts who used the exact same tactics. This is inexcusable in a civilized country. It is, by natural assumption I think, clear that peacefully demonstrating Christians were unlikely to walk over and start beating people up. This is just my opinion, but I think it is time for the government and law enforcement organizations to look into Antifa, if for no other reason than that they are a threat to the public peace. Antifa should not be given some kind of moral high ground, not with their track record and the violence they have instigated. It’s inexcusable and reprehensible. They should not be defended, not while they hide their faces and intimidate and attack others.


      2. Enter “Antifa attacks Calgary Christians” or “Antifa attacks Calgary Christian event.”


  7. One has to differentiate between who are just people and who are your self-proclaimed enemy, turning the other cheek to the latter, those that want your total submission or just plain out of the picture is just plain stupid. try to understand what I am talking about.
    This is the biggest problem with the ‘conservatives’ actually getting anywhere, as soon as anyone a fraction to the right of themselves speaks plainly, the virtue signalling starts
    I have no intention to be like ‘them’ either how ever any tactic initiated by them can be used back at them other wise you just back where it’s better to lose with honour than actually win one once in a while


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