M-103 Hasn’t Gone Away

It is a sad truth that most people have short memories. Issues that once consumed them fade away and become unimportant. One reason for this is that they are bombarded by a 24/7 news cycle that gives them little time for reflection and even less time to express their concerns. As a result, things slip by them and, if they’re not careful, they can become the victims of legislation that can only be described as dangerous and evil.

M-103 As Dangerous as Ever.

A classic example of this is Motion M-103. In a previous blog entitled “Why M-103 Still Matters” I discussed the dangers of the motion and how it could lead to less freedom for all. Those dangers have not gone away. In fact, the process of pushing M-103 from a motion to a Bill, and finally to a law that would silence both free speech and criticism of Islam, is ready to go forward.

Why We Should Continue to be Concerned.

This is an astounding thought. We Canadians should be using all of our resources to prevent M-103 from being realized. Reliable sources indicate that the end of the parliamentary committee’s study period could come as early as Jan. 29th 2018. Inevitably, the committee will find that there is indeed “systemic racism” in Canada, (whatever that means) that Canadians are indeed intolerant of other religions, and that this needs to be stamped out by a law that will punish free speech and those who indulge in “Islamophobia,” a term that was never clearly defined in the first place.

Exaggeration, Falsehood and Delusional Accusations. 

But what does it all really mean? It means that the powers that be will use every form of exaggeration and false “evidence” available to push M-103 through. Of course there are examples of religious and racial bigotry, but they are fringe incidents and appear in all walks of life amongst all groups, including the far left and minority groups. The danger of M-103 is that if the committee finds an example of someone saying that they don’t like the ideas of Sharia Law or that they think hijabs are inappropriate, they will say that Canadians are indeed “racists” or “Islamophobes” and that M-103 should be upgraded to a  law that will silence these heinous bigots. After all, these people, as “haters,” shouldn’t necessarily have the constitutional right to free speech, should they?

Who Defines “Hate Speech?” 

The slippery slope this represents should be apparent to everyone. Who defines “hate speech?” Who decides who shall be fined or imprisoned for their opinion? In most cases it is a small group of partisan “experts” aligned with “Liberal Progressive” special interest groups, and chosen by the party in power. This does not bode well for us.

Not the Government’s Job.

It is not the job of government, or ideologically driven individuals, to tell us what we can or cannot say and them create laws to punish us if we do not comply. Once in power, however, their power becomes hard to resist, and that is the situation we face today. As responsible individuals and Canadian citizens who love and respect our country’s history and laws, we have no choice but to oppose the kind of repressive legislation M-103 is bound to become. Fortunately, the number of people objecting to it is growing. At the bottom of this blogpost I have listed some links to resources that you can use to oppose M-103. Freedom Defence Canada is opposed to anything that limits freedom of speech or promotes extremist Liberal Progressive views. It’s why were created.

An Historic Time.

This is an historic time in which we have an opportunity to resist oppression and defend our rights and freedoms. As Canadians and FDC members let’s not let this opportunity pass by. We should be contacting our M.P.s and other representatives and protesting M-103 in advance so that they know  we oppose it and will not allow our freedoms to be removed. Here’s how you can do so.

Information you may need to understand M-103 and explain it to others:


To understand the national struggle against M-103 go to the website for C3RF, an organization dedicated to the revoking of M-103.


And lastly, here is a sample letter you can send to your M.P. You may want to change some of the wording so that it will not appear to be a form letter.


I am very concerned about the Heritage Committee hearings with witnesses which have been held over the last few months regarding motion M-103. As a Canadian citizen, I am counting on you_________, to listen and act on my concerns. I am VERY worried that the Heritage Committee will recommend legislation to the Canadian parliament to criminalize free speech that might offend a particular group or religion. This would take away basic freedom of speech from all citizens.

As a member of parliament you must do what is right for Canada. We have seen similar laws enacted in Europe resulting in curtailed freedom to criticize terrorism in the UK, France and Germany. I don’t want that for Canada. Such laws will destroy our country.

I look forward to your reply to my concerns.

Yours truly,

( Your name and postal code for authenticity- and your address)



  1. Unless evil is totally defeated it will return later to threaten everyone. Look at North Korea as an example. Instead of defeating them 60 years ago we now face a nuclear threat. The same thing applies with any bill that comes from M103. We did not defeat the authors of M103 and C13 enough so they are being resurrected by evil persons. Their bill will attempt to legislate a major doctrine of Islam which is that any criticism of Mohamed or Islam is blasphemy. The extreme left and Islam are in bed together mainly because they have the same FATHER of lies. Trudeau and Obama both have extreme cases of Islamophillia. The also both pander to Muslims in order to get their votes. The voters of Canada need to realize that voting for looks and a nice hair cut can destroy this country. However most people cannot swallow their pride and admit they made a huge mistake voting for our PM, a flower child and part time acting teacher. We need to keep speaking out even when they fine us and jail us. If millions of Canadians do that, they will be defeated. If only a handful are courageous, tyranny will result in Canada. As in Germany before Hitler, the brown shirts intimidating and beating up on people who did not agree with Adolf resulted in their silence and the horrors that followed. Do not think for a moment this cannot happen in Canada. Islam is a like Nazism with a religious component.


    1. Although in one sense I would love to disagree with you, I find that I can’t. What I mean is, I would love to be able to say that these things are not happening and that we are not on the “primrose path to the everlasting bonfire” to quote Shakespeare, but again, I can’t. Motions like M-103 are initial attempts to promulgate the spirit of U.N. Resolution 16/ 18 the blasphemy law promoted within the U.N. by the O.I.C. (Organization of Islamic Co-operation, 57 nations strong and the second largest political organization on earth) Those behind this obscenity would like to see all criticism of Islam eliminated, and free speech and individual rights eliminated. This is an essential element in their plan to overturn modern government and western democracy and replace it with a pro Islamic theocratically oriented regime spanning many nations. Do the governments of Canada or the U.S. every indict, fine or punish people for their criticism of the Christian faith? Seldom if ever. In fact, the judicial system actually helps the New Atheist movement persecute Christians by using law fare to remove crosses, take down nativity scenes, shut down Christmas concerts and otherwise harass and marginalize the Christian faith. It is astonishing. It’s time for us to get off our duffs and do something about this neo persecution of Christians both here and around the world.


      1. Are you really comparing Islam to Nazism? I don’t agree with Islam either. But these are two very, VERY different ideologies. They don’t even compare.


      2. Thanks for your comment Jacob. We always want to encourage debate. However, I think there has been a misunderstanding here. The brown shirt statement is a reference to Antifa, a leftist thugish organization that intimidates, beats up and harasses anyone who does not have a left wing point of view. Their tactics are identical to the Nazi Brown Shirts, and they are under investigation as a domestic terrorist group. We are indeed entering a phase wherein leftist dogmatic ideology has taken on a Naziesque quality. Although the Nazi party and Islam are different we must still think about what Islam is trying to accomplish in the Western World now and what they have done in the past vis a vis their influence and objectives. This is undeniable historical fact which is now being suppressed in the Western world by leftist Liberals. If you want more information about this I recommend that you read Melanie Phillips “The World Upside Down.” especially the section on the Red /Green alliance although there are more and more books now coming out on this.


      3. Thanks for your reply. I actually meant to reply to the comment above yours, Hal’s, in which he said “Islam is like Nazism with a religious component.” I think this is a tad extreme, personally.


  2. Great points. Unfortunately the left is not open to reason. Having replaced reason, logic and facts with emotions, feelings and perceptions (Post Modernism), they wander in a ‘reason’ vacuum and echo chamber.


    1. I agree. As more and more years go by as a conservative activist I become increasingly convinced that the Left as a group exhibits profound symptoms of neurosis, megalomania and general mental illness. Why do I feel that way? Because any group, political, religious or otherwise, who will not accept reality and keep promoting their ideology conform to Einstein’s definition of insanity ” Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” Take national debt, for example. Despite the fact that history shows us time and again that extreme debt brings down nations and empires they keep insisting that we increase that debt without the slightest concern for our future or that of our children and grandchildren. Despite communism’s repeated failure as a political system, and its record of 100 million deaths in the 20th century, they keep insisting that some form of it can work. Everyone wants to improve their life, and yet the Left insists that people are most happy when they are reduced to general poverty and mediocrity under a nanny state. How much more delusional can you get? As for Post Modernism, anyone who has even a modicum of respect for people like Michel Foucault or Jacques Derrida doesn’t have mine.


  3. Once again,you have hit the nail on the head. We are at a point where we cannot let anything threatening from the left simply go by us. We must make loud noises about it,inform the public,fight back in every way we can without stooping to the tactics of the left. They do not operate with the same moral code that we on the right do. Why is that? It is because most of us on the right here in Canada and the US are Christians and our belief system calls us to be respectful yet firm about what we believe. There is no respect in mobs of young adults invading peaceful meetings and shouting down speakers with whom they disagree. Of course it goes beyond that also as many times physical violence is evident. It reminds me of the fascist brownshirts in Nazi Germany whose aim was to disrupt polite society and bring it to its knees. It surely is a war!


    1. I agree entirely. I think it is hard for many of us who remember the old society, so stable, so homogeneous and so Christian to believe that it has come to this, but the conclusion is now inescapable. We are at war. We may call this a social civil war if we wish, rather than an actual physical civil war, but it is war nevertheless. The radical Left has backed us into a corner and is intent upon our demise. I think it is not only that the Left does not operate with the same moral code we do; it is more that they have no moral code at all, save victory for their side and our annihilation.The parallel between Antifa and the Nazi brown shirts is an absolutely accurate one. Given that, we must not give in to them. We must be just as active in our own way, just as organized and just as determined. As you say, we must fight back in every way possible, including mass letter campaigns, demonstrations and ad campaigns of our own and a strong narrative that will turn the tide for us. Most of us are indeed Christians but we must enlist the aid of every right minded person, Christian or not, to see that our viewpoint is the right one and that tyranny must not go unvanquished.


  4. I agree with your statements, but there is one problem here.
    The government should absolutely, under some circumstances, be able to tell us what we can or cannot say. Hate speech can actually get very violent – you cannot go about calling a black persons the N word, or saying anti-Semitic things, etc. Whereas we should definitely be able to criticize certain aspects of Islam, to go so far as to say the government shouldn’t be able to regulate certain forms of speech or statements is ludicrous.


    1. In response Jacob: like many other free thinking Canadians I disagree. The problem here is that there is no clear line on the suppression of free speech. Also, the government and big government liberal progressives use the concept of “hate speech” to advance their agenda and silence others. If you want to censure someone for a generally inappropriate or racially inappropriate remark you are welcome to do so. Authorities should also be encouraged to do so. We already have libel and slander laws that are on the books and can be used to enact punishment. However, that is not what is happening these days. The current climate gives preference to certain groups while coming down on others unfairly. We seldom get front page coverage of the bone chilling anti semitic remarks of Imams, or the government’s shut down of points of view that criticize the Palestinians, Hamas or Hezbollah. It is even worse in England and Europe where official and unofficial anti semitism now runs rampant in the media and other official agencies. One religious group is being favoured over all others and discussion of that group’s beliefs and tactics is being suppressed. Is this democracy or free speech? Huff Post just printed a piece in which they called on people to apologize to the little girl in Toronto who lied about having her hijab cut. I don’t believe the girl masterminded her lie. Her parents or someone else did, but for us to have to apologize to her, even though she lied, is absurd. Our choices are Free speech or 1984ish suppression of it. That is where we are going. If we get there it will be monstrous situation, and we must stop it from happening. The future doesn’t look bright if we don’t.


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