The Evil Amongst Us.

Most of us go about our business each day hoping and praying that evil will not touch us. This often happens because we are blind and oblivious to what is really going on. Sadly, while we sleep, evil has its destructive way amongst us. In this brief essay I would like to touch on one particular evil that threatens us all.

SOGI 123, The New Evil.

A few years ago, during the summer legislative recess, the then premier of our province, Christy Clark, passed an order in council for the creation of a new sex education curriculum to be implemented in our schools. A man of dubious morality, who will remain nameless, was named as its creator. Slowly but surely, this new sex ed curriculum, now known as SOGI 123, was introduced into the public school system, and is now being enthusiastically taught in our public schools. SOGI stands for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

A Mission to Change the Attitudes of the Young.

Who has more input into the lives of our children than the teachers in our school system? Where do our children spend the most important and intensive learning moment of their early lives? In our school system of course. The creators of this curriculum were well aware of this. They were on a  mission to forever change the attitudes of young people toward the LGBTQ community, statistically a very small minority among us. How better to do this than to gradually massage the minds of our children in the hope that, when they graduate, they will be programmed to believe that it is anyone’s right to practice whatever sexual desire they want, in whatever way they want. And all of this could be introduced under the guise of promoting tolerance and fighting bullying.

Massaging Young Minds.

This clever massaging of young minds begins early, even in kindergarten, where five year olds are now being taught, through the use of official teaching aids and other resources, that girls can be boys, and boys girls. This is now called “gender fluidity” and according to its doctrines, on any given day, a little girl may wake up and decide that they want to be a boy. According to the creators of this curriculum this is being done so that children can learn to be tolerant of the very very few among them who want to be free to pursue a sex change in their young lives.

Where Will it End?

As this indoctrination and evil persists, and as these children grow older, being taught not to discriminate against people who want to have sexual relations with their own sex, I wonder where it will all end? How long will it be until they are taught that it is ok to experiment sexually with animals, to engage in pedophilia or to engage in even more deplorable practices? Not long at this rate, in fact, we are seeing the beginnings of this being established even now.

Parents Not Involved Or Consulted.

In sex ed classes for older students they are taught how to engage in safe sex. For example, they are now being taught how to safely have anal sex and how to use a condom when they are 12 years old. I know because I have a 12 year old in my home. Later on, they role play how to come out of the closet if they are gay, and how to break the news to their parents. Parents, by the way, are not involved in any of this. It is all going on secretly at your local public school. Parents are not being told what is happening in “health class” because school officials fear the backlash that would inevitably come their way if the parents really knew what was going on. Not only is this  a gross violation of parental right, but it is also, more dangerously, the nanny state gone wild. Just how much of this will we endure?

SOGI  Slipped In While We Slept.

In a few short years, SOGI has been implemented in whole or in part in close to 85% of the school districts in this province. While we have been sleeping, the ministry of education has succeeded in implementing this evil in the classrooms of the province. They have cleverly managed to do it while gaining the support of school boards and district officials who probably did not even know what is really in this new sex ed curriculum.

The People Are Fighting Back.

But this is coming to an end. People are waking up. Parents are becoming outraged. We are now fighting back against this evil amongst us. Freedom Defence Canada is doing its part. We need you to join with us to stop SOGI. Write the minister of education Rob Fleming and tell him to pull SOGI out of the school curriculum. Protest this to your local school boards and school superintendents. Claim the right in your local school to be made aware of what is being taught and to pull your child out of those classes. Become educated about SOGI. Google it on your computer and find out for yourself what is is all about. We need to wake up to this evil amongst us and fight it with all of our being.

Submitted by Reed Elley, Chairman Freedom Defence Canada.


  1. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I have warned our Elders, relatives and friends. Since Sexual Orientation(SO) is being taught, who can argue that Pedophilia is NOT a ‘sexual orientation’ when they claim they are born that way and studies supposedly confirm that their ‘urge’ cannot be changed? Furthermore Gender Identity (GI) DEFIES BIOLOGICAL reality! This is all done mainly to PANDER to the LGBTQ…. (Other letters to be added?) Juggernaut. What a terrible legacy Christy Clark has left us. The immoral NDP and Greens are probably all smiling like Cheshire cats?


    1. No doubt. Thanks for your comment, and thanks to Reed Elley and all those involved in helping in the anti SOGI initiative. There work against this immoral initiative is well appreciated.


  2. I don’t think you can compare homosexuality with pedophilia or bestiality. A child cannot consent. An animal cannot consent either. Child sexual abuse is absolutely not the same thing as two consenting adults in a homosexual relationship.


  3. I don’t think there is an attempt here to draw a precise equivalency between one or another form of sexual practice. What is being said here is that if the movement towards the state teaching and imposition of designated sexual values and educational initiatives continues in a certain direction, where will it end? It’s a fair question. The state, or educational ministries, do not have the right to sanction and promote certain sexual practices and condemn those who don’t agree with them. Ironically, to paraphrase P.E.Trudeau. “The government has no right in…etc.” especially when they are crushing or silencing those who disagree. In fact, the direction towards the acceptance of pedophilia, an unacceptable practice, has already begun…The American Psychiatric Association’s manual of psychology the D.S.M. now lists pedophilia as a “paraphilia” (just another form of love) not a disorder, as it was once considered. There are other examples… We have a duty to protect children from the encroachment of harmful ideas and practices that might endanger them, and to protest the trend if it is developing. That should be clear to all.


    1. Taken from the DSM:
      A paraphilia is “recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges or behaviors generally involving nonhuman objects, the suffering or humiliation of oneself or one’s partner, or children or other nonconsenting persons that occur over a period of six months” (criterion A), which “cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning” (criterion B).
      So, try again. It is not considered “another form of love” – paraphilias are often referred to as paraphilic disorders. It is still treated as a disorder. We do not accept pedophilia in this society.
      By claiming that acceptance of homosexuals will lead to acceptance of CRIMINAL sexual practices, you are making a slippery slope argument. A society that teaches acceptance of homosexuality does not lead to one teaching acceptance of pedophilia or bestiality, which is frowned upon by pretty much everyone, and is very much against the law.


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