Snake Oil Salesmen

Long ago, many years before any of us were born, itinerant frontier salesman went from settlement to settlement in covered wagons. Out of the backs of these wagons they sold a wonder medicine known as “snake oil.” It was supposed to be a cure all for everything. As our medical knowledge grew we realized they […]

The New Blue Laws

When Oliver Cromwell became the Lord Protector of England he instituted a series of laws designed to guarantee the purity of his theocracy. It wasn’t enough that he had banished the monarchy and executed Charles I. He had to control the thoughts and actions of Englishmen as well. Called the “Blue Laws” they were designed […]

Proudly Canadian

I lived overseas for almost a decade. During that time I was frequently mistaken for an American and often had to correct people, telling them that, in fact, I was Canadian. I was living in an Asian country, so the assumption that I was American was probably natural. But it got me thinking. A Sense […]

Bill C-16. Waking up to a New World.

Betty Unger, a senator from Alberta, recently wrote an excellent letter commending Bruce Pardy for his June 19th article in the National Post entitled “Bill C-16: Human Rights have Become a Zero Sum Game.” Her letter was published in the June 21st edition of that same National Post. What this means, first, is that the […]

Why We Fight

My apologies to Frank Capra, the famous Hollywood director, for appropriating the name of his World War II epic “Why We Fight.” It was brilliant, and explained, in great detail, why the Allies had to fight and defeat Nazi Germany. I wouldn’t have used it except that it perfectly identifies what we are up against, […]