Do you know from where the idea of fascism comes? Is it Right or Left ideology? This video provides some insight.

On October 14, 2017, John Carpay, lead counsel for the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms, was our keynote speaker.

We were pleased to have Faith Goldy, journalist, political commentator and, conservative advocate, speak at our inaugural meeting.

Is socialism really the best solution for government? Felipe Moura Brasil, a noted journalist and columnist, explains how socialism failed the people of Brazil.

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Dave Rubin, of The Rubin Report (you can check out his YouTube channel here), was once a Progressive. In this video, he explains why he is no longer a Progressive and how current progressive ideas are closing down our rights to free speech.

If you are looking for more big ideas, visit PragerU.

How much transparency is too much?

In this video, David French, senior writer for The National Review, explains how transparency can have consequences.

Socialism in Venezuela

With recent events in Venezuela, political activist Debbie D’Souza explains the effects of socialism on its population.